Sunday, 23 April 2017

Golden Dawn Australia - Activism in Sydney

Golden Dawn Australia has returned to local activism in the Sydney suburb of Belmore, talking with Greek locals about the Nationalist efforts in Greece.

Business owners, locals, both young and old responded positively to Golden Dawn Australia members, who distributed print media directly from the Head Office in Greece. The newspapers detailed the continued crimes against Greeks by the treacherous regime, as well as outlining Golden Dawn's plans for a free and sovereign Greece.

Golden Dawn Australia will continue to remain active in Sydney and interstate, as more newspapers will be distributed in the coming months. We thank the locals for remaining true to their Fatherland and supporting our efforts for an independent Greece. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

XA Australia stands in Solidarity with Those Abandoned by Tsipras

A large distribution of food was raised by Australian supporters of Golden Dawn, with the aim of providing helping provide relief to struggling families looking to get through the Easter holiday period.

The food was purchased by local Greek producers, and distributed to those in need throughout the West Attica region. This includes the forgotten families who are without any reliable income, and have been left to fend for themselves while the government spends millions to accommodate Middle Eastern men pretending to be refugees. Some of these forgotten families have lost their homes while foreigners are put in ex-hotels, all at the expense of the working Greeks.

While the media has largely ignored the financial crisis (as well as rampant ant-Hellenic treachery of the current regime), Golden Dawn supporters have not forgotten those who are suffering in poverty. Every family we assist brings hope to a people who have been robbed of everything, and a guarantee that Hellenes on the other side of the world will stand by their side, regardless of how dire the future may seem.

Monday, 10 April 2017

There will be more Moslems than the Christians by 2070!

According to an inquiry of the American Research Institute regarding the evolution of religions, by 2070 there will be more moslems than the Christians.

In 2010 there were 1,6 billion moslems and 2,17 billion Christians in the world. The equilibrium however is going to change in the future and the moslems will be more than the Christians after almost a generation.

And while all these are evident, there is no reaction and no resistance towards the emerging islamization. Instead we have treasonous leaders letting these people flood in to Europe, to religiously, racially and culturally replace us, in our own continent, so they can take it over.
This was explained by us, at how quickly foreigners, especially Moslems have already replaced indigenous Europeans, in this article.

In Hellas, only Golden Dawn can and will stop these people from flooding into Europe.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

More Silence from the Anti-Hellenic System

Following the latest terrorist attack on the Golden Dawn Head Office in Athens by Parra State Anarchists, the newspaper ‘Republic’ makes the following observations:

Allow me to make two remarks regarding the “democratic" attack on the offices of Golden Dawn.
Firstly, the fact that no party objected to the attack means that they agree with this act… how very “democratic” of them.
Secondly, the attitude of the police. Read this with regards to "democracy": 11 people were prosecuted, which after some time where allowed to leave freely’.

It is clear that we are living in a state of Anarcho-Tyranny, where the system choses when to apply the law and when to ignore it. In this case, any attack on Golden Dawn is overlooked by the state, while the law is stretched beyond imagination to persecute us for crimes that have no even been committed.

Why is it that the state is incapable of bringing to justice the cold blooded killers of Giorgo and Mano, yet the entire Golden Dawn party leadership can be dragged through the mud in an ongoing court case that has yet to prove (after many years) that the party is a criminal organisation? The Anti-Hellenic system is simply unsustainable, and not because of its failed economic policies which have slowly bankrupt the country over the last 35 years, but because of the blatant hypocrisy which the Greek people see every day.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Guilty silence of the political parties for the terrorist attack to the offices of Golden Dawn

This morning, drug addict anarchist terrorist traitors to Hellas, petrol bombed a Golden Dawn office in Athens. These Hellenic government proxy puppet urban terrorists, think that this is somehow going to stop Golden Dawn. Maybe it's the drugs affecting their heads too much...

This morning an anarchist group committed a terrorist attack against the central office of the Golden Dawn. None of the parties of the so-called "democratic arc" condemned this criminal act. From the one side, because the government is clearly a Marxist one, and from the other side, because the liberal political parties are full of cowardice. A cowardice which led Greece to be the last Soviet nation of Europe, and to be dominated ideologically and politically by the Bolshevik fossils.
The anarchist terror will not stop the Nationalist River that comes, just like it was not stopped by jails and murders.

Nicholas G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People's Association - Golden Dawn

It's funny how the treasonous Hellenic government can come out and condemn terrorism against the Turks, and even offer their no stop condolences to a hostile nation in Turkey.  But when it comes to terrorism against a Hellenic political party, we don't hear anything. It's quite obvious that the pseudo democratic puppet Hellenic government, quietly encourages these anarchist terrorist groups. I guess, they don't like a Hellenic party that won't sell out Hellas, won't let the Hellene population be ethnically replaced and it's own land taken over by waves of foreigners, and let Hellas become slaves to international bankers. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Erdogan calls for the Demographic replacement of Europeans

It is has been known by Nationalists for decades that Zionists, in collaboration with the Wahhabists and other Islamist allies that there is an open plan to demographically replace the indigenous people of Europe with those of Africa and the Middle East.

We can look to the Kalergi plan, as well as open confessions from leading Jewish activities like Barbara Spectre and Gregor Gysi, in addition to the millions of ‘refugees’ which are being welcomed by Angela Merkel on behalf of the EU over the last few years. This is why Golden Dawn maintains that one of the most important pressing issues is the demographic crisis that is plaguing Greece, and must be reversed immediately before we come minorities in our own country.

Edrogan, who understands the importance of demographics (which is why he is flooding Europe with his ‘Syrian refugees’) is upping the pressure, calling upon his fellow Turks and other Muslims to start producing families of not 3 children, but 5.

Speaking in the central city of Eskişehir, Turkey’s president urged “his brothers and sisters in Europe” to begin a baby boom in their new countries. “Have not just three but five children,” he told his flag-waving audience’
The Turks tried desperately to take all over Europe many years ago, what makes your average liberal think these Neo-Ottoman oligarchs don’t have the same inspirations? They are openly calling upon their ilk to stake a claim in Europe, to declare it theirs:

“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses.”
The difference with this take over is that unlike the Battle at the Gates of Vienna, not a single bullet needs to be fired. The demographic replacement is being promoted by the European Social-Democrats, who literally welcome the Muslim invaders & interlopers with open  arms.

The Abandonment of the Greek Working Class by the Communists

 An interesting phenomenon of the far left has been their complete abandonment of the working class, in favour of their new clients from the 3rd world. While the Communist movement of Greece embraced Albanians, Moslems and Slavs during the 20th century against Greek patriots, this latest propaganda drives is yet another view into their plans for the future of Greece.  It becomes awfully suspicious when a movement primarily concerned with the economic welfare of working class people is entirely staffed by bourgeois academics, most of whom have never laboured a day in their lives.  Now we enter the next phase of Communism, as these Greek academics and university students race to organise and concentrate their efforts among the dregs of the 3rd world. A flier for the KKE (Greek Communist party) has been found, this time, entirely in Arabic. It’s obvious to all that the KKE’s ‘workers of the world’ globalist message has fallen upon deaf ears among the Greek workers, who are now being stood aside in favour of Muslims.

While Golden Dawn remains steady in 3rd place at the polls, the Greek working class has largely fallen out of favour with the KKE, and more and more workers find their needs addressed by the uncompromising Nationalist movement. The same can be seen all over the Western World, from the Trump Movement, to the Austria’s Hoffer voters, to proud patriots who voted for Brexit. The left’s contradictory cries for better working rights are simply not compatible with an internationalist ideology that at the same times demands open borders and the flooding of our homogenous communities with hostile invaders of the Middle East and Africa. The workers understand that an increase in living wages can only be achieved through protection, the rebuilding of our primary production and manufacturing, as well as strong measures to keep the labour market in check from mass immigration.