Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The 3rd World Effect: Meet The ‘new’ Face of Athens in 2016

A criminal organisation was recently dismantled in late November, operating In the city of Athens, with estimated revenue to me no less than 20 million EUR a month!
The drug ring was particularly active in the densely popular centre of Athens, often in broad daylight, which shows just how brazen the criminals have become in a city ruled by an anti-Hellenic, Leftist regime. The below video demonstrates the reality of what has become of a country, that was often one of the most traditional and socially conservative in Europe.

You may notice from the faces that your average ‘Greek’ drug dealer in Athens isn’t likely to be called Yianni or Taki. Instead, a criminal government enterprise that governs both the EU and Greece has expressed global solidarity with the dregs of the world, bringing an unprecedented 3rd world crime wave to our shores.
The faces are mostly African and Albanian, and their behaviour is almost always exclusively as violent as it is criminal. Add this to the countless rapes, robberies and general decline in living standards in Athens over the last 15 years, and ask yourself, is there any real benefit to Greeks from mass 3rd world immigration?  

Nikos Michaloliakos on Current Event in Greece

The Golden Dawn General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos appeared on Greek TV to comment on behalf of Greek Nationalists regarding current events.

Referring to the latest referendum in Italy, including the defeat of PM Renzo, Michaloliakos said the Italians disproved of Renzo while remaining defiant against the usurers of Europe. While on the topic of the EU, the General Secretary reiterated that the Golden Dawn remains firmly against Memorandum and stands for National Independence.

Michaloliakos said that the latest wave of Nationalist revolt across Europe will see the Golden Dawn grow stronger, and that whenever elections will next take place, we will be higher and the nationalist party will gain a broader response from Greek society. The latest polls show Golden Dawn currently sitting at 8%, and historically, almost all polls underestimate Golden Dawn’s actual electoral performance. The real percentage is most certainly much higher, and the next elections will confirm Golden Dawn’s growth.

He noted the Greek Justice Department’s brave decision not to issue Turkish dissidents officers back to Erdogan, while he wondered if ideals of the Republic prevail today in Greece, when Samaras unconstitutionally tried to make the 3rd largest political force in the country illegal.

Replying to spurious allegations from Syriza concerning the presence of members of the Golden Dawn in Kastelorizo , stating that it is the duty of the Greek Nationalists to side with the Greek soldiers and Guards who "honour the spirit of Thermopylae".

Moreover, he stressed that in the face of Turkey's continuing threats on January 31, the State must pay tribute to Panagiotis Vlachakou, Christodoulos Karathanasi and Hector Gialopso, their place of sacrifice, for raising the Greek flag on Imia.

Finally, the scandal of 9,84 FM underlined that the Athens municipality is riddled by corruption and only the Golden Dawn remains consistent with our popular message: "all thieves to gaol", and has requested the suspension of Article 86 Liability ministers.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

An answer from Golden Dawn to the Turkish challenges about Imia Island

Image result

Imia [Island] is Greek soil, soaked with the blood of our Heroes, Panagiotis Vlachakos, Hector Gialopsos and Christodoulos Karathanasis. We don’t bestow nor a thousandth of Greek land and sea to the barbarians Turkish invaders. Instead, we claim the territories that the Turkish have illegally occupied: Ionia, Pontus and Constantinople.

Golden Dawn - Press Office
Translated by XA Melbourne

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Syriza Anarchists Attempt to Murder Golden Dawn MP George Germenis

Our comrade MP George Germenis was attacked some hours ago by 30 Syriza sponsored anarchists armed with Iron crowbars, striking him in the head with intent to kill. Germenis fought back while being hit with the crowbars and the attackers retreated, not prepared for him to fight back. Germenis required stitches on his skull and then went to the Golden Dawn HQ to give the following statement.

“This morning I was on the receiving end of a murderous attack in Maroussi by a criminal group of 30 parastatals from SYRIZA, who attacked me near the offices of Golden Dawn in the Northern Suburbs. The intentions of this gang were clearly murderous and they wanted my extermination. They attacked us with iron bars and with a gas spray against me. I defended myself, fended off their attack, and made them retreat.
I wish to say this: That with these sorts of attacks both against me and against Golden Dawn’s cadres, but also supporters of the Movement, they won’t be able to break us. The righteous Struggle of Golden Dawn, the only Patriot body of Greece will resist such attacks and rest assured that the final Victory will be ours."

Statement by Giorgios Germanis
Golden Dawn MP
Video and Article by XA New York

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Statement of Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos for the win of Donald Trump for the American elections

The Golden Dawn considers the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections as positive, a victory achieved against the forces of the political and economic US establishment.

It is worth noting that throughout the election period, Donald Trump was literally lynched by all major US media, and certainly by the domestic oligarchs.

The time of national states against globalization comes!

N.G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People's Association - Golden Dawn

A nice little clip to go with Trumps win, in relation to Michaloliakos' point about the media.

If you're wondering who controls the media, we list it here.

Article by XA Melbourne

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Quick list - Who controls the world?

With a lot of things happening right now in the world, such as the American presidential election upon us, as well as wars in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere, for those wondering who controls the world, and why things happen, we'll quickly give you a list as to who controls our world.
The most powerful country in the world right now, is the USA.  Western country's are often told what to do, and when to do it by the U.S.  But who controls the U.S?  Is it the U.S. president? Nope.  They are simply Puppets of their big donors. 
The most powerful of those who control:                                                                                  
1. The Media - The opinions of the masses 
2. Hollywood and Television - The culture and ethics forced on the masses 
3. U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - The Money
4. Presidential campaign donors - They tell the President's what to do.
The media in particularly is possibly the most effective weapon, as it has been used as a tool to control the minds of the masses, as well as in modern times along with Hollywood, promote every form of degeneracy, such as such recreational drug use, binge drinking, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, promiscuity and marriage adultery, which has led to the eroding away of Christian culture and ethics in our White Christian society and is ruining our Western society.

However, so we don't seem biased, we'll simply list the people who control these organizations, and let you the reader, be able to decide for yourself which group of people you think controls the USA, therefore the world.

T.V. Media:

(The Big media channels) 
1. ABC (Disney) channel/news: Robert Iger – CEO (Jew) 
2. NBC (Comcast) channel/news: Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew) 
3. CBS channel/news: Leslie Moonves – CEO (Jew)
4. CNN channel/news: No CEO, Jeff Zucker – President (Jew)
5. Fox channel/news: Rupert Murdoch – CEO (assumed Anglo)

Hollywood/Movie Studios:
1. Paramount Pictures: Brad Grey – CEO (Jew)
2. Walt Disney Studios : Alan Horn – CEO (Jew)
3. Sony Pictures: Michael Lynton – CEO (Jew)
4. New Line Cinemas: - (No CEO) Toby Emmerich – President/COO (Jew)
5. MGM: Gary Barber - CEO (Jew)
6. NBC/Universal Studios: (No CEO) Ronald Meyer – Chairman/COO (Jew) 
7. 20th Century Fox: Jim Gianopulos – CEO (Hellene)
8. Miramax: - (No CEO) Thomas Barack - (Chairman) (Lebanese) 
9. Warner Brothers: - Kevin Tsujihara - CEO (Jap)

U.S. Federal Reserve Bank:

Chairperson - Janet Yellen (Jew)
Vice Chairman - Stanley Fischer (Jew)
Previous Chairman from Janet - Ben Shalom Bernanke (Jew)
Previous from Ben - Alan Greenspan (Jew)

1. James H Simons - $5,000,000 (Jew)
2. Fred Eychaner - $4,500,000 (Jew) Wiki says he's Methodist, but Israeli media say he's Jew.
3. Mr J Steve & Amber Mostyn $3,3003,850 (Jew)
4. Jeffrey Katzenberg - $3,000,000 (Jew)
5. United Association Union - $2,965,000 (Plumbers Union)
6. Jon Stryker - $2,000,000 (Jew)
7. Irwin Mark Jacobs (Jew)

So there you have it. After reading this list, let us know in the comments section below, who you think controls the world's most powerful country?

Article by XA Melbourne

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Golden Dawn Australia - First National Conference, 2016

Golden Dawn Australia's first Annual Conference was held last week, a detailed article and photos from the event can be found here on our homepage.

In short, the event was a great success, and more are being planned to be held in the very near future. Our conferences will also be held across the country, with state representatives working towards similar events across the East Coast, & possibly extending to regional cities, such as Adelaide or Darwin in subsequent years.

Dates and locations will be restricted to members only. Followers of our movement are required to be members of the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia, in order to register their interests for our upcoming events. 

-XA Australia