Sunday, 28 August 2016

Regarding the business of SYRIZA over the meals for the illegal immigrants

The crooks of SYRIZA, while they pretend to be humanitarians, in reality they have developed an entire business and have gained serious profits by exploiting the illegal immigrants, according to reports of their own members. Golden Dawn demands the confiscation of the property of all the politicians, who have made a fortune through the founding of anti-national Non-Government Organisations, as well as the deportation of all the illegal immigrants from the State of Greece. 

Golden Dawn - Press Office
Translated by XA Melbourne

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Malaria, along with other forgotten illnesses re-emerge because of the illegal immigration

They’re getting into Greece by the masses with their diseases
The irrational governance of Tsipras, supported by the New Democracy party and the rest of the “Memorandum political establishment”, has led to the reemerging of threatening diseases which can have crucial effects on the public's health. Golden Dawn demands the immediate closure of the borders for the illegal immigrants.

Golden Dawn - Press Office
Translated by XA Melbourne 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Message from Nikolaos Michaloliakos - The revenge of the “believers” against a society without belief

A 33 year old Algerian was the perpetrator of the recent murderous attack at Charleroi, in Belgium. Holding a sword and shouting “Allah Akbar” he attacked against two female police officers. Shortly after, he fell dead from the police charges, although this incident cannot act as a discouragement for those who are “mad” for Allah, who have carried out a massive and uncontrollable attacks against European countries. They lash out against the citizens, creating a chaos, which Europe cannot deal with.

A Europe in which the secret services, even if they have clues about those associated with ISIS jihadists, are unable to prevent their action. It’s worth noting that among these perpetrators there are also persons that have been born and raised with the so called…European Education, but then again that means nothing. It means nothing because the sacred war against the non-believers, jihad, constitutes a basic principle of Islam, despite the propaganda of the media, which try to present these actions as isolated incidents.

But how a “civilized” and “anti-racist” society could stop those who are determined to fight? How is it possible that a Europe of decadence, a Europe without faith, lacking principles and ideals, can encounter those, who, in the name of their- wrong if you prefer- faith, yet faith, are determined to throw their life?

This is the first and major reason for the failure of the European state in this battle against the islamic terrorists. This Europe, which in the name of a “multicultural” society murders her own ideals and ideas, is automatically unable to encounter the islamic threat. Keep apart the propaganda mechanisms of this system, who create a completely opposite atmosphere, towards the real situation.

The liberalist and the marxist public opinion formers in France, in Germany, in Italy, also in Greece, don’t blame neither islam, nor the illegal immigrants; Using sociology fiction, they try to present these terrorists and murderers as… persons with psychological issues or other problems.

This war, which has burst into the societies of Europe, won’t end effortlessly, when this decayed Europe –with criminal negligence- permitted the transformation of our societies into jungles, inhabited by millions of moslems!

That was not a problem of Greece, which was a united national state, where the vast majority of the inhabitants were Greek Christian Orthodox. Yet, those responsible for the current situation, the governments of PASOK, ND and SYRIZA, over the last twenty months, have declared the “anti-racism” as a doctrine for their political correctness. So, today in this country reside millions of moslems, among which there are certainly some persons, who-in the current situation- wouldn’t find it hard to die for their belief, towards a society, in which the masters aspire the non-belief and the distraction of Ideals.

Those who believe that the [illegal immigrant] “hot spots” and the media propaganda will solve this problem are wrong. And their misjudgment was obvious in the recent vote in the Greek Parliament, concerning the building of a mosque in the heart of Athens!

And, whether they like it or not, in this vote Golden Dawn was the official opposition, since among the 26 votes against the building of the islamic mosque, the 18 of those votes were from GOLDEN DAWN.

N. G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn

Translated by XA Melbourne

Friday, 12 August 2016

SYRIZA has a Turkish Nationalist politician in it's ranks

Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos (above), exposes the fact that SYRIZA has a Turkish Nationalist MP in it's ranks.
While here in the West, for the last few decades, we are accustomed to all sorts of treason from our puppet governments that would of had them hung for treason many decades ago, few top this act of treason - SYRIZA not openly has a Turkish MP in their ranks, but one who is a fanatical Turkish Patriot and a Turkish agent!  

We are talking about Hussein Zeybek, who is a SYRIZA MP, and has openly taken part in meetings with the DEB organisation, which is an organization which falsely advocates that there is a Turkish Minority in Thrace in Greece, in order to push for the autonomy and independence of these so called ''Turks'' in Thrace.  The Turkish government is also behind this organization. These Moslems in Thrace they refer to are not Turks, but are in fact Slavic Moslems known as ''Pomaks''. 

When Hussein Zeybek was asked in parliament by Golden Dawn MP, Yiannis Lagos, if he willingly denies that there's a so-called Turkish minority in Thrace, Yiannis was met with silence.  Hussein couldn't bring himself to do it.

Below are short video's of the incidents.  A special note of thank you, to the Golden Dawn New York chapter, for their great work in translating these videos, and regularly putting them up.

Turkish agent Hussein Zeybek, at DEB Turkish meeting.
Hussein Zeybek shown here, speaking at DEB meeting!
And best till last... Hussein Zeybek, under the Turkish flag and Kemal Ataturk portrait. 
That's your SYRIZA politicians for you - Turkish agents

Article by XA Melbourne

White feminist solidarity with Muslim ‘refugees’ is a recipe for rape

A 20 year old American girl recently made a decision to volunteer for an NGO in order to help support the ‘refugee’ crisis in Greece, the result of which ended with the police arresting 2 Syrian ‘refugees’ for attempted rape.
The American worked at a refugee centre, West of Thessaloniki (in Pieria), which hosted and supported illegal aliens and their transitional pillage into Europe. The American volunteer had taken 3 military aged Syrian men (also known as poor and defenceless ‘refugees’) on an excursion to the Korinos beach, where she acted as a ‘chaperone’ to Middle Eastern men over 3 years her senior.
While in a secluded area, the 3 Arabian men isolated the volunteer and attempted to rape her. The American was fortunate enough to escape and notified the authorities immediately about the incident. The police charged 2 Syrians with the attempted rape, a 23 & 24 year old, while the third remains at large.
While this woman can consider herself rather lucky (unlike other women in Rotherham or Cologne), the true extent of sexual assault and violence against female volunteers for ‘humanitarian organisations’ continues to remain unknown.  This is because the Left actively conceals the crimes of its third world clients, who are little more than pets to the globalist elite who use them as a battery ram against the West. We expect more such stories to emerge as NGOs fail to protect their ‘feminists in solidarity’ while unwisely professing unconditional love for the incoming Islamist hordes.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The August 4th Regime

On August 4th, 80 years ago, Ioannis Metaxas and the August 4th Nationalist regime took power in Greece.  He was most known for leading Greece to victory against Italy in World War 2.

Metaxas’ great vision was to lay down the foundations for a ‘Third Hellenic Civilization’, which was to be heir of two glorious episodes of Greek history - ancient Greece and the Roman ‘’Byzantine’’ Empire in the Middle Ages. In only 5 years he implemented hundreds of social, industrial, administrative and economic reforms.

He establishing holidays with full pay, maternity leave and the 8-hours workday, mandatory paid leaves, banning child labour, establishing Sunday as rest day, and building child care centres, among other initiatives. He also set up Greece’s first social security system, the Social Insurance Foundation (IKA) which to this day provides most Greeks with their medical coverage and pensions. He also ignited great infrastructure works (telecommunications, railways, hospitals, roads, land drainages) and the industrial and agricultural sectors boomed.  These initiatives happened because the Metaxas regime was there to serve the Greek people, unlike the modern day so-called ‘’democratic’’ Greek government, who takes out political measures that harm Greeks instead, as they are there to serve the international banks such as Goldman Sachs, as well as the E.U., for their own personal gain, rather than serve the Greek people.

The below video, shows the popularity of the Metaxas regime.  Today's pseudo-democratic government and its supporters will never show Greeks this.  Instead they try and get us to believe the lie, that if Greece is to be successful, Greece needs a government that's weak and sub-servant to International Bankers.  


Article by XA Melbourne

Friday, 5 August 2016

Traitors: Greek parliament approved to speed up Athen’s first Mosque in 150 years

206 members of the Greek parliament voted recently to speed up the construction of Athen's first Mosque since the Greek War of Independence. 206 members have spat on the graves of their ancestors who fought for a free & sovereign Greece, freedom fighters who fought against the Islamic tyranny that occupied our lands for over 400 years.

Golden Dawn opposed the bill, while the Cuckservative ‘Right-Wing’ Independent Greeks also voted against the bill. The Independent Greek’s vote was nothing more than a theatrical display to appease their voter base, as unlike Golden Dawn, they are coalition partners of the ruling Government, and have the power to break the coalition and force snap elections if they truly wanted to fight the bill. Of course, they chose not to, and instead refuse to use any real bargaining power they have to remain as the controlled opposition that they are.

The Mosque is being paid for by the bankrupt state of Greece, a nation that has brought nearly 1/3 of their citizens to the brink of poverty, while unemployment has consistently soared well over 25% for years, and nearly 50% for the youth. Why are Greek tax payers paying for a mosque, to accommodate hostile invaders when our own people currently suffer? This is a question that our criminal elite refuse to answer, and instead deflect with strawman arguments that make a mockery of our people and what we have historically stood for. Case in point is Education Minister Nikos Filis, who states that

The existence of makeshift mosques is a shame for the country as well as for the Muslim community and a danger to national security,”
If we wish to avoid the problems facing France and Belgium, we should not make the mistakes that they are now trying to deal with,”

These absurd statements simply do not match to reality. Unlike most other Western Europeans, common working class Greeks are not so pathologically altruistic against Muslim invaders, and treat them with a fair sense of suspicion and distrust. Apart from the bourgeois leftists & Antifa who use the Muslims as pets to signal their suicidal love for all people, polls show there is little love for Middle Eastern hordes in Greece.

Yet despite the negative attitudes for the overwhelming majority of Greeks towards refugees, there have not been any major terrorist attacks in Greece. Meanwhile, the British, Germans, Belgians & French who let the Saudi’s build hundreds of Mosques in their lands, have all experienced serious terrorist attacks over the last few years, leading to the death of literally hundreds of Western Europeans.

So, Mr. Filis, you claim not building Mosques for Muslims is a National Security risk, yet where is the proof? How does building mosques for Muslims decrease their likelihood of spontaneously combusting, when the facts on the ground in Europe suggest otherwise? Why do Muslim refugees skip Greece and literally go to countries where there are mosques to commit their terrorist attacks?

The fact is, Mosques serve as a radicalisation point for Muslims, and even the Jews who fully support the Islamic take over of the West agree that Saudi money provides a breeding ground for Wahhabist Fundamentalists, which is as high as 80% of Mosques in the US alone.

Now to play the Devil’s Advocate here, we can agree that while Mr Filis is a delusional leftist tool, he is somewhat partially correct in his statement. It’s probably not the Mosques that will be responsible for the soon to be terrorist attacks. Athens has had literally dozens of vacant mosques that serve as mesuems to overseas visitors, and they have not caused any German tourists to randomly explode shortly after yelling Allah Akbur. Instead, it is the Muslims themselves who are responsible for the terrorist attacks, and it is the Muslims themselves who are the National Security risk.

We leave our readers with a simple question - How can there be Muslim Terrorist Attacks when there are no Muslims?