Sunday, 15 January 2017

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Richard Spencer Speaks

Top Advocate for European-Americans, Mr Richard B. Spencer, spoke positively of the Golden Dawn movement in a recent interview.
Comrade Spencer, former Executive Editor of Taki magazine, has been spearheading the Alternative-Right movement since 2010 and is also the leader of the National Policy Institute, a White Nationalist think tank based in Virginia. His message to Europeans on the North American continent is one of greatness and resilience.
It worth noting that Spencer has achieved notoriety at NPI’s latest conference in 2016, following a coast to coast smear campaign by the American Lugenpresse. Chief culprits include The Atlantic, whose chief editor is known International Jew, Jeffrey Goldberg & their president is one, Mr (((Bob Cohn))).
To summarise Spencer’s talks regarding the Golden Dawn, he believes justly in the rise of the Golden Dawn, who are fighting the system and the foreign forces that threaten Greece. We salute Mr Spencer for his kind words, & wish him all the best with his patriotic endeavours.
XA Australia

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

OXI to the Selling of Cyprus: Cyprus is Greek!

Hundreds of Greek Nationalists united under the banner of ELAM to protest the latest attempt at 'unifying' the island of Cyprus. By 'unifying', the Internationalists mean selling Cyprus off to the Turks, just as the city of London and Washington did in 1974.

Cyprus is and always will be Greek!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: If necessary, we'll wage war against Turkey to ensure our national freedom and sovereignty

   Golden Dawn demands Greek ''Casus belli'' against the Turkish provocations

The Leader of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn, during the Parliament Plenary debate on the budget, condemned the entire political spectrum for their continuous submissiveness to the Turkish provocations.

Initially, he deplored the Prime Minister's presence in the communist Cuba to honor Fidel Castro. Nikos G. Michaloliakos reminded that the so-called Democracy proponents have "forgotten" that 20% of the Cubans were exiled, 15000 political opponents were executed and 7000 Cubans were bombed by the brutal dictator when they tried to leave the country. New Democracy shows tolerance and ''respect to the struggles of the Left''; but then, why does she ask for the votes of the Right?

The only voice of resistance against the Marxist tyranny is Golden Dawn!

Concerning the issue of illegal immigration, he noted that Greece is becoming another Wild West, and because of the Dublin II agreement, in March 2017 new boatloads of illegal immigrants will arrive. The Leader of Golden Dawn noted that with the Treaty of Lausanne, Greece lost politically what she had won militarily.

Commenting on the presence of the Golden Dawn Members in Kastelorizo, ​​he said that their presence was necessary because the heart of Greece beats in the Aegean. 

As for PASOK and New Democracy that were praised by the Turkish newspaper "Yenisafak", Mr. Michaloliakos stressed that: ''When the Turks congratulate you, the Greek People and History offer their condolences''.

In response to the Turkish provocations, he invited the Greek parliament to adopt a Greek Casus belli against Turkey, if Erdogan allows those million illegal immigrants to enter our Fatherland. At about 20:55 of the video below, he said: ''If necessary, we'll wage war against Turkey to ensure our national freedom and sovereignty''.

Concerning the budget, he pointed out that from Barack Obama to Fidel Castro, the distance is only one memorandum, and the path goes through the ''Levy Institute''. He noted that the cuts in the National Defence have reached 3.5 billion euros and that the government should have added the occupation loan in the budget. He reminded that even the President of the Hellenic Republic himself had claimed in one of his articles that there is no chance of writing-off the occupation loan. However, the government is submissive to Merkel and accountable to the Greek people.

Finally, he emphasized that Golden Dawn will vote against the memorandum budget and will raise the flag of National Resistance, fighting until we take our homeland back!

Article by XA Hellas
Edited by XA Melbourne

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: With high morale, we’ll take our Fatherland back!


The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn gave a comprehensive, all-inclusive interview to the journalist Stergios Kalogiros, on his TV show, ''Commenting the news''.

N. G. Michaloliakos initially noted that Greeks are the victims of an economic war. For the past seven years, the Memoranda have ravaged our homeland. Following the same economic policy, gives no prospect for development. The only solution is the return to national production and national currency. The only national independence option.

The Leader of Golden Dawn said that debt cancellation and termination of the Memorandum is a one-way street. Exactly what Tsipras had promised, but, as it has been proven, he had agreed to disregard it.

Concerning the hordes of immigrants, he noted that there is no other choice than to return them to their homelands, as Greece cannot afford to have them. Our sea borders must be guarded by the Coast and the Navy. The illegal immigrants must be returned where they came from.

For the issue of the continuing Turkish provocations, he stated that our Fatherland should finally react dynamically because the doctrine ''we do not demand anything'' has led us to submissions and defeats.

Mr. Michaloliakos announced that he will propose to the Parliament to send a delegation to Imia on the 31st of January, along with a military contingent, and raise the Greek flag to pay tribute to the heroic Greek officers, Panagiotis Vlachakos, Christodoulos Karathanasis, and Hector Gialopsos. It is a fact that Turkey threatens us and Greece must be ready to react.

Then, he inveighed the attitude of the New Democracy MPs, who followed the Communist Party line and did not go to Kastelorizo. He reminded viewers that during the governance of New Democracy, serious incidents were constant in Athens and the Greek flag was burned. For the perpetrators of this unholy act against our National Symbol, which is a sacrilege against all those who sacrificed themselves for the Flag, he agreed that they should have the Greek nationality removed.

For the tax evasion lists, he noted that all those who have plundered the Greek People must finally pay. He emphasized that a nationalist wind blows throughout Europe, as the peoples seek to destroy the Eurozone “monster”. He pointed out that Golden Dawn has connections with the nationalist movements of Europe, ending with the phrase: ''Fatherlands shall return''.

The persecutions and the exclusion against Golden Dawn may continue, but when the trial is completed, the jurisdiction will vindicate the Greek Nationalists.

Finally, the General Secretary of the Popular Association said that Golden Dawn does not change, but remains constant to her ideas and National Struggles. Golden Dawn is a Peoples mass movement and when the elections are held, our percentage will rise.

Nikos Michaloliakos concluded with the message: ''Keep your heads up, we will take our Fatherland back!''

Article XA Hellas
Edited by XA Melbourne

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

In memory of Ambassador Andrey Karlov – Golden Dawn honours fallen Russian Diplomat

Golden Dawn Australia answered calls from our comrades at the Australian Russian Cossacks, to pay respects to fallen Russian Diplomat to Turkey, Andrey G. Kalov.

The event was organised by the Russian Cossacks, under Simeon Boikov, which took place in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and was attended by Nationalists from Golden Dawn, Australia First, Serbian Chetniks, as well as other Arab Nationalist groups who support Assad & Putin.

Key speakers included Sergey Shipiov, the Consul General to the Russian Federation, Jim Salem of Australia First, as well as Ignatius Gaviliridis of the Hellenic Nationalist of Australia, who made the following statement on behalf of Golden Dawn:

We stand by Russia who is heading the front against the violence in the Middle East! We also definitely wish to see peace among the Syrian people

The full speeches can be heard in their entirety, courtesy of our friends at the United Nationalists of Australia:

In Greece, Golden Dawn leader Michaloliakos affirmed Golden Dawn’s position as once again on the side of Putin’s Australia, paying respect to Karlov, and reaffirming our alliance to Russia.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Truck of peace, driven by a man from the religion of peace, peacefully mows down people in Berlin in an act of peace

It must of being just a big misunderstanding. 

A Tunisian illegal, hijacked a truck driven by Polish guy, rammed it into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring dozens of innocents. ISIS later claimed responsibility for that attack. Keep in mind that this is despite the fact that Germany has opened their naive arms to both legal and illegal Moslem immigrants. And this is how Moslems repay Germans who show them kindness, just like we saw on New Years Eve, where they mass sexually assaulted, spat on and attacked Germany women, and than at a welcoming party for illegal immigrants, where they turned on their German leftists hosts, and began mass sexually assaulting them.

Again, the media and liberals always claim when this sort of thing happens, that this is an isolated incident, and doesn't reflect all Moslems. They'll also say that white Christians have been terrorists before as well, therefore there's no difference. Of course however, there is a massive difference. Statistics show that Moslem commit by far and away the most terrorist attacks world wide, compare to any other religious or political group. Below are a sample of stats from 2011:


There you have it. While yes, every religion or political group has a tiny group of extremists, Moslems make by far and away the largest amount of terrorists, showing among many reasons, it is not worth having them in our countries nor do we even need them. Funny that in easily in 2nd place for the most amount of terrorism are leftists, who are Moslem defenders. While the so called ''hateful, racist, bigoted'' Right Wing, commit the least amount of terrorism out of all of them.

Of course the above cartoon picture posted with all the leftist's excuses for Islamic terrorism may seem satirical. But it's not. Apart from the fact that the media and leftists always give those excuses whenever an Islamic terrorist attack occurs, here is a video where leftist Ohio university students get asked to explain the Moslem terrorist attack that happened on their campus, which was committed by a Moslem student that went to that university. Watch the guy at 1:20 of the video. Listen to what he says. After watching it, you'll realise we cannot satire the left anymore. They do it themselves.

Article by XA Melbourne

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Alliance for Peace & Freedom

The Alliance for Peace & Freedom (APF) is a coalition of European Nationalist parties, committed to the struggle of European People in their drive for National Sovereignty.
The Alliance acknowledges the existential threat facing Europeans, which is an ongoing transformation process that stretches over 70 years, one that was neither consented to or elected  upon by the European people. This threat against our nations includes mass 3rd world immigration, the erasing of our national borders, the breakdown of our unique ethno-cultures, rampant corruption in the EU, as well as corporate & financial special interests that look to short sell the future of our children for meagre short term profits in the hands of a small number of international capitalists.
APF values true human diversity and not the decadent cultureless ‘modern man’ engineered by Cultural Marxists, who wish to rob Europeans of our culture, language, traditions, religion and even our unique biological differences through the promotion of mass immigration and complete ethnic replacement. Our Europe is a Europe of the Nations, where Greece is Greek, Sweden is Swedish, and Italy is Italian. This is true multiculturalism, where the different people of the world are entitled to their own sovereign states, free of foreign domination & the right to pursue their own way of life.
Meanwhile, when the globalists speak of multiculturalism, in practice we see it is nothing more than the promotion of monoculturalism – a shallow way of life built on the foundation of senseless consumerism, Americanism and nihilism, which comes at the expense of our very own identity.
‘When you open your nation to everyone, you create a nation for no one’
Mass Immigration not only disenfranchises migrants who find themselves alienated in a foreign society, but it also robs the local populace of their own identity, as they struggle to find meaning and identity in a land that is no longer exclusive to them. Everyone has a right to be a privileged citizen in their own nation, where they can share a common culture, biological connection and history with their fellow countryman. This is simply not possible in a nation that is racially balkanized by mass immigration, which is the inevitable consequence of every Western ‘multicultural’ city to date, where people naturally segregate and form a broader low trust society that alienates all the citizenry, migrants & indigenous peoples alike.
The left has had a monopoly for decades on the academic institutions, and have unjustly attempted to take from the right the very vocabulary for which we stand for. The endless Marxist pursuit for a single global system has been the ideological back drop for the corporations & lobby groups that are the true driving force of globalism.
The lap dogs of the internationalists oversaw the invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan, the toppling of Libya, the destabilisation of Ukraine, and the latest sabre rattling against Vladimir Putin, all under the guise of ‘bringing democracy’ to people who have never asked for such a thing. How can the revered leftists like Obama seriously consider themselves true holders of the Nobel Peace Prize, when he is single handedly responsible for the bombing of seven counties in just six years?
As Nationalists, we see that peace can only be truly realised through mutual separation, and a common respect for our foreign neighbours. This is our recipe for peace & freedom, a practical vision that we hope to bring to Europe, one that will be actualised through our political determination and unity as the indigenous peoples of this continent.
The Coalition includes a number of European Nationalist Parties, including (but not limited to) Golden Dawn (Greece), Forza Nuova (Italy), Czech Workers Party (Czechia), NPD (Germany), Kotleba (Slovakia), National Democracy (Spain) & Party of the Danes (Denmark).
Accessing the Site
We have received reports from our supporters that they are unable to access the official APF website:
We have been able to confirm this is because many Australia Service Providers have blocked the website, so you will need to use a proxy or VPN to access the page.For supporters of European Nationalism, we recommend becoming a member to help assist the broader movement overseas. The official Facebook of the APF can also be found below: