Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hundreds of Greeks Protest the Construction of Athenian Mosque

The Greek government, which is currently ignoring the 3+ million Greeks who are on the verge of complete poverty, is busy accommodating the uninvited Islamic invaders who require a new temple in their newly occupied lands.
Using the funds of Greek tax payers, the Syriza Anti-Hellenic Regime is using an old Naval base to become the site of a newly created Mosque, which (for unexplained reasons) will supposedly even help prevent future attempted terrorist attacks. This totally contradicts the fact that European countries with literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of Mosques, such as France & Belgium have seen hundreds of Europeans die in the latest round of terrorist attacks.
Greek Nationalists assembled once again to protest the construction of the mosque, as many of us still remember the brutal Islamic occupation that ruled our land for over 400 years

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Erdogan's explicit plans to rebuild the Ottoman Empire

The Neo-Ottoman tyrant of Turkey, Erdogan, has brazenly declared his intentions to invade neighbouring countries in order to restore the former bloodthirsty empire that is responsible for a host of problems in the Eastern Mediterranean, problems that still plague the region till this day.

While speaking at a Turkish University, Erdogan proclaimed that ‘Turkey isn't just Turkey’, and stated that apart from the 79 million citizens of modern Turkey, there are ‘hundreds of thousands of brothers’ who live outside of Turkey’s current borders. This is a direct reference to the Slavic speaking Muslims of Western Thrace (a region in Northern Greece), who are not Turkish, but currently under cultural attack from Ankara to assimilate to their rootless Turko-Mongol identity in order to take over Greek territory. 

Erdogan’s territorial claims went beyond Western Thrace, and included large parts of Greece (including our Thessaloniki & many Aegean Islands), as well as Azerbaijan, Syria, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Iraq. 

While the self-styled Sultan tried to brush away the Treaty of Lausanne, and used it to justify a referendum in our Thrace, Erdogan claimed that he was ‘under threat’ at the 350km border with Iraq, which some how justified his annexation of Mosul. It looks as though military might is certainly an option for Erdogan’s territorial expansion, and yet the US & EU are happy to declare Assad a dictator for wishing to maintain his existing borders, while Turkey is our great ally who can do no wrong.

The World Doesn't need More Turks, Let Alone another Ottoman Empire

Fact: Many of the ethnic and religious problems in the Balkans and the Middle East are a result of Turko-Mongol intrusion in the region.

John Lennon’s leftist utopia is simply a ridiculous pipe-dream at best, it’s much more realistic to ‘imagine’ a world without Turks, or at least a world where they remained roaming the steppes of Central Asia as nomadic tribesman. Imagine a world where the gateway between Europe and the Middle East (Asia Minor) was still inhabited by Christian Greeks.
  • Without Turks, there’d be no ‘Muslim Bosnians’ or ‘Muslim Albanians’ in the Balkans. No Kosovo or Yugoslav civil war
  • A world without the Pontian, Armenian & Assyrian genocides
  • A Europe that isn’t been blackmailed by Turks who are sending through millions of Middle Eastern invaders into the continent
  • German cities would still be German, without the millions of welfare leaches that plague the nation
  • No Australians dead at Gallipoli
  • Constantinople would still be a beacon of European & Christian civilisation
  • A united and free Cyprus, free of illegal Turkish occupation
Other than war, bloodshed, unnecessary religious tension, and geo-political troubles, what exactly have the Turks contributed to the West? Their invasion of our historical homelands have only escalated unnecessary and bitter tribal hostilities, and have developed a host of complex ethnic and religious troubles in the Eastern Mediterranean. Erdogan’s speech of expanding Turkey should be treated as a threat to European civilisation, yet the cucks who run our establishment are quick to cover for the Mongol Warlord, without respect for our sovereignty and national integrity.

Turkey’s Future Isn’t So Bright

Turkey has been playing a dangerous geo-political chess game for decades, first allying themselves with the NATO/Washington/Tel-Aviv axis, while simultaneously trying to run an ultra-Nationalist regime, which has come at the expense of minorities, political dissidents and the media. Obviously the powers that be haven’t taken a liking to Turkey’s horrendous ‘human rights’ record, and not because they genuinely care, but because it makes them look hypocritical for counting such a nation as their allie. 

The failed coup, which was unusually convenient for Erdogan, may provide the necessary justification to make himself an executive president, and essentially a de-facto neo-monarch of Turkey.

The pressure has caused Turkey’s entry to the EU to become delayed, which again becomes further complicated with their direct involvement in the funding and training of jihadists in Syria. Who would of thought trying to balance Islamic Extremism and Western Liberalism could be so difficult? Now Turkey has been forced to back track on their aggression against Russia, and has started to move closer towards Moscow in a bid to expand their influence in the region.

Putin is certainly nobody’s fool, and Turkey’s questionable allegiance and dirty tricks may soon blow up in their face. As Turkey’s living standards rise, so to did their desire to emulate modern European society. This partial liberalisation of Turkish society has been coupled with the massive number of Kurds who are clearly out-breeding the Turks in their own nation, and now Turkey could soon be a Kurdish majority within just a few generations. This could change the game all together in a future civil war scenario, as the Kurds may begin to assert themselves as they become a growing force in Turkey’s politics.

While Erdogan talks tough on rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, the future of his nation which was built on the Soil & Blood of great European civilisations may soon come full circle, as we see the return of Nationalism in the West.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Horror: Apocalypse has arrived in Paris in 2016

Apocalypse is already here.  Our great civilization is being destroyed.
This is what our anti-Nationalist opponents want.

The very short clip above, is unbelievable and has to be seen to actually be believed. 
It shows Paris, a city once regularly shown in films as a dream city, in 2016 has been turned into an 3rd world Apocalyptic, Dystopian slum, thanks to illegal immigrants.

When degenerate, drug addict Anarchists and Leftists yell out ''NO BORDERS, NO NATIONS!'', and traitor puppet politicians agree with them, the above short clip, is the consequence of their calls.
And worst of all, if you don't want this dystopian horror future for your cities and country, these traitors will call you names such as racist, hater, bigot, redneck etc.
While these traitors may yell, ''The illegals in the video need more housing!'', what these leftists and establishment puppet politicians fail to realize, because they've never had a real job in their lives, is that this requires money from the hard working tax payer like me and you, the reader, to pay for that. And continuous amounts of tax money, being used to pay to house these never ending amounts of illegals coming in, because leftists and the political establishment want a world with no borders, will eventually send any country broke.

While Paris has been turned into a Dystopian horror story, rest assured readers, if elected, Golden Dawn will never let this happen to cities like Sparta (The birth place of National Socialism), Athens, Thessalonica, or any other Hellenic city, despite the efforts of SYRIZA and New Democracy traitors, to let illegals continuously flood into Hellas.

File:Akropolis by Leo von Klenze.jpg
The greatest ever civilization with an unmatched legacy and history, that is the Hellenes, should never have their cities be allowed to be turned into dystopian slums taken over by foreigners.

As for you French, who have let your civilization get destroyed and taken over by 3rd world hordes, be assured - At least you'll die knowing, no one ever called you the big bad word ''racist'', which would of been a much worse thing to happen, yeah? 

Article by XA Melbourne

Friday, 14 October 2016

Nikos Michos on current events in Greece

Golden Dawn MP Nichos Michos of Evia recently shared his thoughts on the air with Andreas Stamatopoulos at radio1d.gr

Michos said the Anti-Hellene regime of Syriza had orchestrated a series of ‘hot spots’ around the country, which act as government subsidized hubs to house the 3rd world invaders of Greece. The particular hotspot at Ritsona was found recently to throwing hundreds of food portions into the waste, food that was intended for ungrateful ‘refugees’. When asked if the food could be shared with homeless Greeks, the hosting centre said they where instructed to throw the remains out. This practice generates many questions, as the current situation suggests Greeks are being purposely excluded, while nearly 1 third of our people suffer on the brink of poverty.

Next on the discussion, Michos spoke about the recent closing of the police case that was responsible for the investigation of the murder of our 2 fallen comrades, Fountoulis & Kapelonis. It is clear the state had no such intention to ever solve the case (assuming the deep state had nothing to do with it in the first place), as is evident by the fact that the Flyssas case against Golden Dawn MPs remains open.

On the issue of the Law, Michos stressed that while it is clear there is a bias against Nationalists and a clear lack of double standards, the fact that Golden Dawn remains the 3rd largest party, suggests there are still some honest judges who not all paid off by the regime.

Michos then discussed the economic crisis which still plagues Greece, (despite the international media’s loss of interest in the topic), as well as the latest auctioning laws which are hurting the Greek working & middle class. The poor of Greece are falling further into declines, as mass unemployment in Michos’ constituency in Evia continues to exacerbates the situation with auctions and soft loans.

Lastly, Michos discussed how Turkish provocation and the resurrection of the Chan issue clearly show that Greece is not a sovereign nation, but decides it’s foreign policy based on the political will of rival nations who happily assert themselves in our affairs.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Golden Dawn officially endorses Donald Trump

When the forces of Donald Trump and Moonman combine to form the invincible force, welfare leeches will no longer be entering the U.S. illegally, and have to stay in their 3rd world crap hole.

The spokesmen of Golden Dawn, Illias Kasidiaris mentioned in parliment that both the controlled puppet political parties in Greece of the right and left wing ally themselves with their fellow puppet, Madam Goldman Sachs herself, Shilary Clinton.  Unlike Golden Dawn that support Donald Trump, who isn't a puppet for any big interests, and puts his country and the will of Americans first, before illegal immigrants.  

Article by XA Melbourne
Video by XA New York

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Leftists get BTFO: 98% of Hungarians vote NO to bringing in Rapefugees


In possibly the most ridiculously lopsided vote we've ever seen, predictably 98% of Hungarians, just voted no to taking in illegal immigrant quotas.

The voice of Indigenous Europeans all around Europe is LOUD and clear.  They want Europe for Europeans.  They don't want to be slowly demographically replaced and taken over, both racially and culturally in their own country, like we've seen in the EU capital Brusselstan, where now Islam is the largest religion, and 1/4 of all Brussels inhabitants are Moslem, as well as in London where White Britons are already a minority.

The only downer is, due to the voter turn out being below 50% (it was 44%), the vote is considered invalid.  Never mind the fact this is ridiculous, because all Hungarians had an opportunity to vote, yet 56% decided they didn't want a say on the issue, therefore their opinions shouldn't be taken into consideration.  Only the 44% who bothered to vote, should have their voice taken into consideration.

Since the voice of Europeans, particularly those in Southern and Eastern Europe, for a long time, has clearly been against illegals coming in, and Marxists, Anarchists and especially Jews who have tried to force third world brown immigration in Greece and Europe, have just being BTFO again with this ridiculously lob sided vote, it's time the Marxist and Antifa traitors put their money where their mouth is and go to those countries, and help those people themselves.  
Put your money where your mouth is faggots.  But we know they won't. 

The only party in Hellas that will ensure that Hellenes won't have their land swamped by Illegals and illegal immigrants quotas, is Golden Dawn.

Stay out cockroaches

Article by XA Melbourne

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Muslim Brotherhood calls for revolt against Greeks on the Island of Crete

Fanatical Islamists from the town of Timbaki in Crete, indiscriminately call all Muslims on the island, both legal residents and illegal immigrants, in direct revolt against the Greeks. The call came from the dropping of propaganda leaflets across the town earlier this week.
The leaflets, signed by the "Muslim Brotherhood of Crete" clearly promotes the hatred and incitement to violence against the Cretans by all Muslim. There is now a proven declaration of expansionary warfare from the Radical Muslim world into the geopolitical living space of Greeks. This threat is very serious and we should not take to it lightly, because it directly affects key matters of national security and the internal social tranquillity of the Cretan people and generally all Greeks.
Let's see what exactly this call for uprising of Muslims, in order to draw conclusions. The news comes from the informational website e-mesara.gr.
"In the name of Allah the Merciful, Generous. To say. "It is Allah, the unique. Allah, the independent, whom we all beg. He procreates not and has not been born. And there is none like unto Him "(Koran, ch. 112, part 30 Al Iklas)
You are the senior people of the whole world, only your faith counts and any other, you have the right of life and death and property on any other man who would dare to challenge its primacy and you will embrace your faith.
Allah commanded the believers to be masters of the Earth where we live, and only they can have properties, and only we will be able to have the land. Allah said that would have mastered the whole planet, and the faithful to have the land and crops.
Unbelievers cannot have land and crops because it belongs just to us believers. The unbelievers will receive only from us stops that enforce the sanctuary only KORANI alms.
Koran 9:12 "though they (the unbelievers) break their oath after the deal and (blatantly) blame your religion, then fight with the heads of the infidels – certainly the vows do not deserve them – so as to stop".
Koran 8:12 "Remember that your Lord inspired the angels (with the message):" I am with you: give strength to the believers»

It is immediately obvious that the authors of this memo are aware of the propaganda that all wars are made for the capturing a living space that someone else currently occupies. And the authority for each conquest expressed by Sun Tzu, the author of ancient Chinese military strategy manual "the art of war" which states: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting". And in the case of present-day Greece, the quote couldn't be more true.
The deliberate plan of removing more than half million Greeks from their homeland with the excuse of (artificial) economic crisis weakens the fighting potential of Greece. The destructive whirlwind of SYRIZA with the overt support of New Democracy & Independent Greeks continues in all the basic ingredients of Greek society: deliberate over-taxing, attack on education, degradation of the Orthodox Religion and decimation of public health. The influx of endless Islamist hordes, the huge majority of whom are illegal invaders, continues seamlessly.
Those who are taking note would appreciate that it is no coincidence that the propaganda distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood of Crete is clearly in favour of the takeover of Greece by  Muslims. Muslim immigrants in Greece are coming in disproportionately large number to Greeks who are leaving, and causing intense concern for public order and social peace. Not a single bullet is fired, yet, they are flooding us while we are leaving. Sun Tzu proves to be correct in this instance, as the fighting spirit of Greeks to protect their living space has been paralysed by criminal Neo-Liberal politicians and the decadent culture they have produced over the last 40 years in Greece.
The best defence of the Greeks against the upcoming Islamic whirlwind is to enforce our borders with the assistance of the military, as proposed the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Any illegal intruder who manages to get a foot hold into Greek territory, will be immediately arrested, imprisoned and deported upon summary procedures. It's awfully difficult to orchestrate a Muslim take over of Greece if there are hardly no Muslims.