Saturday, 18 February 2017

80% of Greeks do no approve of Muslim Immigration

A revealing study published by the newspaper Republic showed the results of Greeks regarding their opinion on Muslim immigrants.
Despite the propaganda push from NGOs, including that of multi-billionaire Marxist extraordinaire George Soros, the study shows 80% of Greeks do not want Muslims immigrating to Greece. Political correctness and mass media lies need not apply.
The study’s representative, Tramoyantis, speaking on behalf of the National Centre for Social Research states that "the General conclusion is that the Greeks are wary of both the economic consequences of immigration and the effects on issues of national identity and cultural homogeneity. Respondents believe that the country is not made better by the presence of refugees and migrants".
Tramoyantis further adds that “this dominates the stereotype that immigrants do not contribute positively to the country's economy and that they take jobs from the indigenous".
What’s the point of Democracy if the state actively works against the overwhelming majority of their constituents? What is the real purpose behind the politically orchestrated 3rd world invasion of Greece?
We know those of the 3rd world will work more hours for less money and benefits, which completely undercuts the indigenous working class of Europe. We also know they disproportionally commit acts of terrorism, assault and rape. We know a majority of them also favour Sharia Law. So what do Jewish billionaires like Soros & Ronald Lauder, as well as EU oligarchs like Merkel have to gain by flooding Greece and Europe with Muslims? The Muslims migrants certainly won’t be voting for Golden Dawn, that we can assure.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The importance of upcoming French Elections for Greece and all of Europe

While Nationalists across Europe differ considerably from the Front National on ideology, one common goal remains firm in our struggle against globalism – the much needed exit of Europe from the chaotic plutocracy of the EU.
Establishment candidates, including former presidents and prime ministers have been rejected by likely French voters, leaving Marine Le Pen to lead the Front National in the polls. Her main rivals include an Independent and Benoit Hamon of the Socialist Party, breaking precedent from all recent French elections in the last 40 years.
The upcoming French elections may indeed determine the fate of Greece and the rest of Europe as Le Pen not only leads a civic nationalist party, but also one that promises to restore France’s national sovereignty and eventual exit from the European Union. While this is indeed good for the French who may continue to ride the momentum of Trump’s populism into their elections, it may also be an important victory for the rest of the subjected satellite states of the EU.
A French exit from the EU would without a doubt cause the collapse of the EU, making the internationalist project a disaster for the creeping threat of Globalism. As the EU’s second largest economy, France’s exit would have greater impact than Brexit as France is also part of the single currency, which would cause far more severe repercussions for the economics and finance of what remains of the Union.
What does this mean for Greece
If the EU was to start its painful disintegration following Front National’s win, Greece would be neither exempt or spared during the process. Although Greece has remained largely out of the more recent news cycle, those that have been following the events closely over the last few months, will of noticed the debt crisis still threatens the country
Since 1975, oligarchs from Europe have slowly collaborated with the most treacherous political class in Greece to slowly dismantle our manufacturing and primary industries. Without a proper economy or currency of its own, the occupied Greek state and it’s kleptocrat politicians rely entirely on the EU to maintain their legitimacy.
It’s hard to imagine a Syriza, PASOK or New Democracy maintaining any political power once their strings are cut from the EU. While many of these political traitors have expensive villas in France and Switzerland to retreat to, it is almost a sure bet that grass roots movements will be in a prime position to fairly challenge the establishment for the rightful place of governors in a new and sovereign Greece.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hellenes take to the streets of Athens, in an anti-immigration protest.

Andrew Anglin's twin brother, expressing his anger against Rapefugees entering

Marchers expressed fury at the number of migrants remaining in Greece since the closure of the Balkan route into Europe.

Golden Dawn parliamentarian Ilias Panagiotaros said likes what he sees from across the Atlantic: “We don’t see any EU-Turkey migrant deal at all. We just see tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in our country and hundreds, thousands of others that have already come to Greece years ago and our country is an open field, everyone can come whenever they want and they can leave whenever they want. We would like to follow a policy like Donald Trump is doing in the States right now.”
Golden Dawn's policy on keeping illegals and non-Hellenes out of Hellas, is in line with the opinions of by far the majority of Hellenes, as was shown in a poll:

Article by XA Melbourne

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Imia 2017: ATHANATOI!

In memory for our fallen heroes, Nationalists from all over Greece and beyond converge on the city centre of Athens to honour the heroes of Imia.

Golden Dawn takes just over 10% in the latest polls, cracking our previous electoral performance of 6%. The party continues to move forward and is expected to take up to 30 MPs in the next election. No government unconstitutional crackdown or trumped up fake charges can stop our movement, we continue to push forward against all odds.

The full event can also be seen here

Albanian Fifth Column in our Armed Forces

Seven Albanian rifleman in the Greek army have recently been posing while flashing provocative Albanian Nationalist gestures in a recent photograph that is circulating in Greece.
The Globalists say again and again that ‘Multiculturalism is our strength’, yet how can they argue that the addition of Albanians within the Hellenic army makes it ‘stronger’? Albanian Nationalism is at odds with the interests of the Greek state, by including such elements in our armed forces, we only compromise the integrity of our security in the event of a real conflict.
We do not need a fifth column of Albanian thugs embedded in our land, let alone trained killers within our armed forces.
These Albanian infiltrators, who also occupied the military within Tito’s Yugoslavia and beyond, have no qualms switching sides in order to advance their own ethnic interests. Today, the FYROM, Kosovo and Montenegro are infested within Albanian terrorist separatist movements, and it wasn’t too long ago they openly conscripted and recruited Albanians into their defence forces with not a single doubt. History only provides lessons that are to be learnt to those that are willing to listen.
Golden Dawn demands swift action against this Albanian problem in our armed forces. Will the gang be punished and have their citizenship revoked, and also, what measures are being taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again? These are the questions Golden Dawn MP Kasidiaris has put forward to the Defence Minister and the Greek people demand answers. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Greek Newspaper “Parom”: It’s a Mathematical Certainty that Golden Dawn will rise Dramatically

As predicted over the years by friends and foes alike, the inevitable rise of the Nationalist movement in Greece will become realised in the forthcoming elections.
The Greek Newspaper “Parom” (which translates to ‘here’ or ‘present’), published a piece by well known journalist George Leontaritis, refering to the situation in Greece and Europe:
"Folks, who are tired, are turning to the far right, promising an end to the EU, but also of civil corruption. Democracies are becoming increasingly stillborn. With European policy, opening the way for extreme solutions, in Greece, the next elections are mathematically certain that the proportions of the Golden Dawn will rise impressively. Let us not ululate the so-called "Democrats".
For Syriza, the New Republic of the carpet is paved. Because the outraged people do not have the discretion to make revolution, they will exact revenge at the ballot box, enhancing just that faction who openly challenges the "system". The "logical arguments" to prevent this development does not find any chord with the voters. They have lost everything, they took from them everything. So, what else do they have to lose?
The European Union and the political elite in Berlin and Brussels have made a mockery of democracy. They are humiliated. So the status quo collapses, here, the citizens consider that today we have vested our democracy to the appetites of "others", (i.e. partners)". For this reason, we note a shift towards the party of Golden Dawn. This is the truth, which nobody dares to say openly. The people won't forgive politicians who signed agreements with their "partners" in squalor. "
The writing is clearly on the wall for the establishment. They created an entire underclass of Greeks who have had their wealth slashed from them in just a decade, thanks to the kleptocracy and corruption of the Greek politicians. Now they will pay the price, at the coming elections.
Our place as National Opposition is inevitable

Sunday, 15 January 2017

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Richard Spencer Speaks

Top Advocate for European-Americans, Mr Richard B. Spencer, spoke positively of the Golden Dawn movement in a recent interview.
Comrade Spencer, former Executive Editor of Taki magazine, has been spearheading the Alternative-Right movement since 2010 and is also the leader of the National Policy Institute, a White Nationalist think tank based in Virginia. His message to Europeans on the North American continent is one of greatness and resilience.
It is worth noting that Spencer has achieved notoriety at NPI’s latest conference in 2016, following a coast to coast smear campaign by the American Lugenpresse. Chief culprits include The Atlantic, whose chief editor is known International Jew, Jeffrey Goldberg & their president is one, Mr (((Bob Cohn))).
To summarise Spencer’s talks regarding the Golden Dawn, he believes justly in the rise of the Golden Dawn, who are fighting the system and the foreign forces that threaten Greece. We salute Mr Spencer for his kind words, & wish him all the best with his patriotic endeavours.
XA Australia