Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ancient symbols of Hellenism, forbidden in the age of decline & treason

An ancient and eternal symbol of Hellenism shines again after thousands of years of darkness, through the sacred monument of Amphipolis. Awe and terror struck the anti-Greeks struggling to comprehend what had been unburied in the tombs of ancient Greek heroes. All the petty and immoral political opportunists, who for months now have been trying to cash in on votes in the light of eternal Greece have been forced to shut up.

A year ago, I was accused of being a ‘nazi’ because I made a conscious decision to tattoo on my shoulder this ancient symbol of Hellenism. They went as far as to tell me I was a ‘criminal’ because of this choice of symbol. The truth is that they are wrong, uneducated and ignorant of history and cannot comprehend the deep philosophic meaning in the unexplored path that pre-dates even Socrates. Why do they fear such ancient symbols that in difficult times can help awaken the collective unconscious of modern Hellenes?

The ancient Greek Gammadion is found in all beauteous monuments of the ancient world. From the stage of Olympia, at the height of Greek cultural superiority, to the shields of Philip who represented the martial virtues of the Greeks, this was taken by the Greeks to the ends of the Earth. This eternal symbol, a symbol now ‘forbidden’ in our modern times of decline and treason, is now the inner Sun that emerges from the monument of Amphipolis and illuminates our Homeland.

Dearest friends, this discovery is the first of the many golden rays of dawn that will break the darkness of the night and show the way to those still bleed for an eternal Greece.

Ilias Kasidiaris,
Korydallos Prison

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