Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Goldman Sachs: SYRIZA will win Greek elections but don’t worry, they’re our people!

Elections in Greece are approaching and the stock markets, as well as international rating agencies are interested in the possible results, since this will certainly effect economic developments in Greece. Based on this logic the international moneylenders have begun to examine the political scene in Greece, with the view of anticipating its future direction.

Goldman Sachs is one of the companies that played an active role in the destruction of the Greek Economy and the crisis which struck the Greek people so fiercely. In the years leading up to the Athenian Olympics in 2004, Goldman Sachs was able to cook the books and help the corrupt politicians of Greece hide the massive amount of debt that was pilling behind the curtains of the Greek economy. The purpose of hiding the debt was to keep the EU and the Greek public in a sense of false security, so the greedy politicians could continue borrowing large amounts of money while secretly selling off future revenue from public assets to Goldman Sachs. This was completely at the expense of the Greek tax payer, so while Goldman Sachs secretly made hundreds of millions off the Greeks, in return they continued to keep the books balanced to allow the sell-out establishment to continue its drug like addiction to borrowing and spending.

In the end, the cards came crashing down, and it was revealed that Greece’s debt was so extreme, that it would now have to bring in the international loan sharks to keep the country afloat. The results meant harsh measures of austerity would be imposed on the Greeks to pay off the debt to the loan sharks, plunging the Greeks further into poverty, all because of their corrupt politicians scheming with the International Bankers. Part of the scandal was the secret sell out of Greece’s public assets to Goldman Sachs, which included 20 years of revenue from Greece’s airport, as well as revenue from lottery tickets, which was to help finance Goldman Sachs role in masking the massive debt that destroyed Greece. It’s certain then that Goldman Sachs would be very interested in the continuation of the operation to destroy Greece.

In their report, Goldman Sachs emphasize that SYRIZA will easily win the next elections. They also add in their report that they will be forced to form a coalition to govern with “anyone except Golden Dawn”. This is entirely logical, as SYRIZA can get along with anyone who is willing to help them sell out Greece, which therefore excludes Golden Dawn.

The two points worth noting from the report is that THEY DON’T EXCLUDE A NEW DEMOCRACY – SYRIZA coalition and the second is that GOLDMAN SACHS TELLS IT’S CLIENTS THAT IN ANY CASE, THERE IS NO REASON TO FEAR A SYRIZA GOVERNMENT.

The report confirms a long list of proof that SYRIZA worships the international moneylenders and does not present any threat to their interests.

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