Wednesday, 22 October 2014

University study: The Greek Youth fanatically supports the Golden Dawn

 Many investigations have been published to outline the demographic ‘profile’ of Golden Dawn’s voters. A large number of similar studies have also been conducted, but strangely enough have not been published. This information is being withheld on purpose to prevent the public from understanding the depth and extent of the Golden Dawn phenomenon.

The latest research, published by "Eleftherotypia" and prepared by the Panteion University is the last "nail" in the "coffin" of kleptocracy after confirming what we have known all along: That the Greek Youth fanatically supports the Golden Dawn !

In many of the MSM’s investigations, the economic crisis has been ‘identified’ as the main reason for the rise of the Golden Dawn. This is further reflected by one of George Soros’ institutions which released a book ‘specialising’ in this very subject. The truth however, as revealed by the Panteion study, is that the Greek youth strongly identify with the NATIONALIST IDEOLOGY of Golden Dawn.

This is highly disturbing for the kleptocracy, but highly encouraging for the future of Greece. It is also worth mentioning that voters of other parties, specifically 64.7% of New Democracy, 43.6% of Syriza and 50% of the Communist Party all agree with the position of Golden Dawn that Hellenism is primarily and exclusively a matter of ethnic origin.

Golden Dawn is recognised by the Greek youth as a healthy part of society, and the only political force that fights corruption, kleptocracy of the system & illegal immigration. Despite the media smear campaign against Golden Dawn, which covers all the TV Channels, newspapers and radio stations, the Greek youth still relentlessly support us.

Even the newspaper that published this article is a personal ‘favourite’ of leftist terrorists, and presents the research as a major social ‘concern’. Unfortunately for the kleptocracts and the ‘centre left’, Golden Dawn continues to capture the hearts of the youth, and has secured firm support in the future of this nation.

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