Monday, 17 November 2014

Zionists pressure Australian government to block Golden Dawn tour – An open question to Jewish MP Michael Danby

For months, Golden Dawn had announced the planned tour of European MP & retired Lieutenant General Giorgos Epitideios to Australia. The purpose of the tour was to promote awareness about the situation in Greece, and to help raise support for the party which is currently the target of the biggest political persecution in the country since 1974. 

In a gesture of good will, Golden Dawn Australia also offered the chance for Greek community leaders to sit down with the general to have their concerns about Golden Dawn addressed by a party official. The invitation was even extended to Jewish community leaders who are extremely critical of Golden Dawn. As predicted, those that hate Golden Dawn are not interested in Democracy, dialogue or freedom of speech, a concept that only applies to their radical Marxist and Zionist ideas that would have been considered heretical in Australian society prior to the 1960s.

No one is prepared to sit down and debate our Nationalistic ideas because they know we have the truth on our side. The Greek people have been robbed of their employment, national pride, and their sense of security in a country that has been become an experiment for the EU. The Greek people need to be put first in their own country, a concept that the Zionists feel works well for their people in Israel, but simply won’t allow for other Western nations.

After applying for his visa, Epitideios was given the run-around by the immigration department, in an obvious attempt to purposely delay the approval so that the visa could not be granted in time before the scheduled tour. The delays where not coincidental by any means, and was a direct result of the pressure applied by Zionists & friends of Samaras who are cheering on the political persecution of Golden Dawn.

As covered by Golden Dawn New York, Nikos Kotsiras, who is a friend of Samaras & from the same region in Greece, put pressure on the Australian government because of his ‘concerns’ about the general’s visit to Australia. Nick Kotsiras, who is incapable of any original thought, obviously takes his orders from Samaras, and understands how important it is to rejuvenate his political career by denouncing Golden Dawn, a tactic seen by many sell-out politicians in Greece.

In addition to the anti-Hellenic Kotsiras, who would rather fight for Muslims women’s ‘rights’ to wear burkas in Australia, than allow Greek Australian patriots to send food and clothes back home, there are other special interest groups who helped block the general's tour. Meet Michael Danby, Jewish MP for the Division of Melbourne Ports. A staunch Zionist and supporter for Israel, Michael Danby personally wrote a letter to immigration minister Scott Morrison, asking him to ban Epitideios from entering Australia.

This is obviously very strange behaviour for Michael Danby, who has been noted for his open door policy to a variety of people entering Australia. If we go back to 2013, Michael Danby was on record for negotiating with an Israeli MP to bring their unwanted African and Muslims refugees into Australia. The Israeli MP was quoted as describing the Muslim refugees as ‘infiltrators’ and a ‘threat to Jewish identity’ and maintained the Danby would ‘enthusiastically’ present the idea to Australian parliament. We at Golden Dawn Australia would like know why Jewish MP Michael Danby is so enthusiastic about bringing Israel’s rejected African and Muslim refugees into Australia, but so against a brief tour by a democratically elected member of the European parliament. Perhaps Michael Danby could send us an email explaining why.

And while you’re at it Mr Danby, it might be worth mentioning that Greece is struggling with far more illegal immigrants than Israel, in addition to mass unemployment. Would you Mr Danby, have any interest in helping the Greek government relocate these illegals, or is that a special privilege you reserve only for your fellow Zionists who have spent the last year butchering thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians? 

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  1. Shame on the Australian government for cowering to the Zionist lobby like that!