Monday, 22 February 2016

Official Announcement: Hellenic Nationalists of Australia

Golden Dawn Australia has announced the formation of our official association - Hellenic Nationalists of Australia.

This association is officially registered with the NSW Fair Trading & therefore recognised by the Commonwealth of Australia, continuing to be the legally recognised arm of our efforts to support Golden Dawn. Many of the readers and supporters in Australia have asked how they can donate to our cause, and as such, we can now operate an official bank account, the details of which you can view below:

Name: Hellenic Nationalists Australia Incorporated
BSB: 062329
Account number: 10475390

Following our collective efforts in Australia to support the Nationalist movement in Greece, we have recieved our fair share of heat from the establishment, who have attempted to shut us down in the past. Nationalism is a threat not just to the political traitors in Greece, but all over the Western World, as we've seen former Greek PM Samaras call in a favor to his fellow villager and Liberal part MP Kotsiras, who has called for a probe into our relief work for the poor in Greece. Despite the media spin, the authorities came very short of stopping our work, as it was evident that our efforts went directly to the suffering people of Greece in the form of food, medical supplies and clothing. By registering as an official association, all our activities will be above board and compliant by Australian laws.

Like our efforts through Voithame Tin Ellada, it is public knowledge that Hellenic Nationalists of Australia is Golden Dawn Australia. This is included as part of a mandatory disclosure on the Hellenic Nationalists membership form, and the fact that we officially announce this here on the Golden Dawn Australia website. We note that Hellenic Nationalists Australia is not a registered political party, but rather an association affiliated with Golden Dawn.

While the political system in Greece and Cyprus are rather complicated when it comes to political parties registering in their various forms overseas, we have chosen the title 'Hellenic Nationalists of Australia' to avoid any potential issues to undermine our work in the future. Also, in the event Golden Dawn is outlawed after the trial, we will still continue to support the Nationalist movement in Greece, be it a newly registered 'National Dawn' party or something else.

Golden Dawn cells operating in Australia, the United States, Canada and Germany are making a real difference on the ground in Greece, and have been for years. Our resources have fed the needy, clothed the disfortunate and provided financial relief to those working class men and women who have been unconstitutionally robbed of their income and face a grueling and long drawn out trial by the toxic system. While our contributions make a significant difference, we need to remain one step ahead of those who wish to shut us down, and continue at all costs to remain active in our support for Golden Dawn.

We will provide more information on our association in the near future, including online membership forms for those around Australia who wish to support of efforts for a free and sovereign Greece.


  1. Excellent news. Much success to the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia.

  2. Greece needs a dictatorship. It is the only way to fix the country. The corruption has corrupted the democracy and the economy. The country needs discipline for the economy to grow and from there a democracy can come about.

  3. ολοι οι πατριδοκαπηλοι και οι προδοτες ειναι υπεπατριωτες και ΥπερΕλληνες και υπερανθρωποι του Ροτσιλντγουντ